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5 Secrets For Happiness

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Do happiness require secrets.?🤔 you think so.?🤨 By the way I don't think like this, because in my opinion happiness is a feeling or we can call it as a habit. Still you all thinking about how? I know why you all are think like this because you all searching for happiness like a fairy tell but with some small efforts and some secrets you can make happiness is a habit. Why you guys looking so confused.? Okay Okay let me explain you.......

1 Focus On Positivity

2 Celebrate Little Victories

3 Be Creative But Accept Imperfections

4 Do What You Love & Live In The Movement

5 Love yourself

Focus On Positivity

Yeah I know now days everyone is banging on this particular concept but take some time and think do we all are surrounded with positivity.? I know answer must be NO because when we look around we see so many things which disturb us but we get habitual to these things,

for example what is current scenario we all are surrounded by the pandemic COVID 19 disease we are losing our social life, we are getting afraid to go out, we cannot celebrate our festivals like we do but because of this we learned that being social is not always important, we can have a celebrative life only with our close family members, we can do so many stuff by ourselves and so on.

The list is never ending. surround yourself with positive people. Studies has proved that to find long term happiness, you need to retain your brain from a negative mindset to a positive mindset.

Celebrate Little Victories

We all have so many demands in life, we always want our progress in each and every aspect of our livelihood yet we have so many things still we are not satisfied with them and I know that it is necessary for our growth.

But have we forgotten that we can celebrate little things we have or we can.? Like some of you may get bitter over the job of your dream or the big car you want and you can not afford it right now but currently at least you have job in your hand or may be you are living a life people have dream for. Basically my point is "celebrate the things you have in your hand which are little victories of yours".

You want a big car someday you will buy a big car or can have a post of your dream and have so may powers but by thinking and worrying about the future does not make any sense in your current life celebrate the things you have right now.

Be Creative But Accept Imperfections

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes and learns from them. There is no doubt that creativity is most important human resource of all without which there would be no progress, & we would be forever repeating the same pattern.

Keep trying new new things or keep doing regular things with more creative ways. This will help you to sustain your interest in that thing & help you to keep going. we all have our dark side of imperfections we all have issues & we think we are worthless because we can not do one or few specific things like we someone will say I cannot sing well or someone will say I cannot communicate well with stranger or I stammer/stutter but my dear friends we are not worthless because we cannot do one thing we all have some imperfections but

simultaneously we can do one or few things very well & we know that we do it perfectly. My point is try to find ways in your life with creativity but along with that accept imperfections you have.

Do What You Love & Live In The Movement

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet keep looking for because if you are not doing what you love you are wasting your time. You can take your hobby as a career otherwise start loving your work. By doing this we can enjoy the work & we will become more productive and creative which will ensure our growth and happiness as well.

Life becomes more meaningful when you realize the bitter truth of that you can never enjoy the same movement in life, live life like it is your last day. Go get a habit of loving and living the current moment & never allow waiting to become a habit.

Have you ever realize that for planning of future we almost forgot to live in present day & the day of our dream never appear. My point is why we worry so much for the things which will happen in future and we forgot to live in present because we fear so much we have insecurities we think too much and we never live at our best. Forgot the worries guys "LIVE THE MOMONT"

Love yourself

We often face so many crisis or inconvenience because of others, we go through difficult time may be someone else can be responsible for that be with time we forgive the people who hurt us and we live the way like nothing has happen.

But tell me guys do we treat ourselves like this.? We appreciate others for their progress or quality they have or the hobby the pursue But But But do we feel good for ourselves once in a while, Do You Love You.? Answer may be no or may be yes but deep down in the heart we always blame ourselves for not having something or someone in your live. Stop it guys, love yourself.

This is the main key of happiness. Do not compare yourself with anyone, no one is perfect. Why can't you see how beautiful you, are how smartly you can work or how you make someone happy. Love yourself love the way you smile you look you think you do the work love your imperfections as well. Find reasons to make yourself happy and you will be happy forever.

It is not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, make your happiness is a priority, it's necessary.

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