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Cure Stammering 100% Is It Possible.?

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Many people have this question in there mind or may be they are bushing around this thought & they get answers like YES / NO / MAY BE. Today I am going to share you some interesting facts & solutions on stammering or stuttering & believe me guys they works like a magic because to be really very honest with you these all are my personal experience because I had the same problem of stammering / stuttering from my childhood.

Q ; You have stammering from birth or it started after few years.?

A ; Stammering / stuttering is not a disease so how can we have it from birth.? Am I right.? If your parent has/had this issue does it mean like it's genetical. I think it is not. Because many children copy their parents as it is and some learn new pattern of speaking. so stammering / stuttering is habit which you pick up from somewhere else or from someone. It started with thinking & continued because of not taking any action against it. But today I do not stammer or stutter i simply changed my pattern of speaking.

Q ; Stammering is a habit or a disease.?

A ; As I already told you that stammering is not a disease but we can call it a bad habit which we pick up from someone or we start it with ourselves. From childhood you have a specific pattern of speaking and you are continuing it till date so it means if you change your speaking habit or way of speaking you can 100% overcome it. Am I right.?

Q ; Is there any cure for stammering.?

A ; In my opinion stammering or stuttering is just a bad habit which you are carrying from so many years. If you can speak properly or we can use the word fluent speaking when you are alone then but obvious there are 100% chances to speak outside your comfort zone. hence we can say stammering is curable but it needs your practice, dedication, some exercise for stammering & some real life experience etc. But for this you must have self belief.

Q ; I stammer when.....

A ; I know you are going to bash this on me that I do not stammer when I am with my friends or with family or someone will say that I stammer on the particular word or in particular situation but I must say that please find the root cause of your stammering or stuttering and start working on it.

Q ; Is there any benefit of speech therapy.?

A ; I would like to say that you can consult any speaking coach for the treatment of stammering because the person like me who overcame stammering by own trick and techniques will definitely help you. As speech therapy is also helpful but many people experience it is not helping in long run.

Q ; Is it OK to have stammering in childhood.?

A ; Actually it is OK to have stammering in childhood for some period of time because research say that near about 5% of all children across all cultures in the world are affected by stammering, but it is not OK at all to continue that habit.

Q ; What are the synonyms for stammering.?

A ; stammering, stuttering, falter, stumble, bumble, splutter, pause, sputter, stammer, halt, etc

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