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Grooming And Confidence

Hello Guys, have you wondered about the topic? I mean every time I speak about confidence, personality, and speaking issues like stammering, stuttering, fumbling, and now I just jumped directly on grooming. Yeah, I know you all are thinking , And maybe wondering how grooming and confidence can relate with each other? Umm Let me explain all of this in detail, I bet you guys will love the topic after reading this article you will also start to looking forward to it.

First of all, what does this Grooming mean? And how confidence is related to it? okay, let's see what google say about grooming and confidence,

Grooming: Grooming refers to the things that people do to keep themselves clean and make their face, hair, and skin look nice.

Confidence: Means feeling sure of yourself and your abilities — not in an arrogant way, but in a realistic, secure way. Confidence isn't about feeling superior to others. It's a quiet inner knowledge that you're capable and feel secure rather than insecure

My dear FRIENDS, now you have basic ideas for both. I already had a discussion over confidence-boosting things (please refer to other blogs of mine) now let me tell you how you can boost your confidence by grooming or simply we can say that after grooming how you feel from within. What things we can include in grooming? maybe the list will get such long but for you, I have categorized it in below 5 points. Let's discuss those points to get a clear idea about them.

  1. Personal Hygiene Habit

  2. Your Dressing Sense

  3. Your Body Language

  4. Neat And Clean Workplace/Home

  5. Some Basic Habits

Personal Hygiene Habit

Personal hygiene, I know this is really a too way short topic but tell me honestly don't we take it for granted.? And I mean it. Some personal hygiene habits like bathing regularly, washing your hairs frequently, trimming and grooming of hairs, nails, etc. I know I am being too personal at this time but these all are very basic, necessary, and essential hygiene you have to perform if you want to look good and impressive.

Many people go for bathing and perform it as a regular task and they do not think about how clean they look, are their hairs are looking at there best, have they wore a perfect dress as per occasion, no the do not care at all. These are really very small looking habits but give much more impact on your whole personality and the way you look and perform yourself whether it is personal space or working one.

Your Dressing Sense

We always heard that "how we actually look contribute 10% and how we dress up contributes 90% to our overall personality" Dressing according to the occasion, place, the task you are going to perform, what is your position there (you are a boss, CEO, employee, worker) is equally important to the task you are going to perform.

For one minute assume that you are a new employee there and you have a very important meeting today and obviously you are in hurry and you wore a dress you already used twice or thrice and had not perfect iron over it, they are not looking clean and neat at all and most important you also know that but you are only thinking about your presentation today. Now honestly tell me do you feel confident at that time, do you think you will give your 100% to your presentation? And you have prepared so long for that meeting and suddenly you are not feeling confident just because of your clothes. Am I clear now?

Just like your important presentation, your dressing sense is also very much important. When you dress up rightly you feel much more confident. When it's your favorite color, perfect stitching, the right accessory (watch, anklets, neckless, etc), right footwear, and last but not least a good and pleasant deo or perfume don't you think you feel much more confident at that day.

And why is this so? It's Just Because Of Grooming.

Your Body Language

I know I had written a whole article on this topic (go and read for clear understanding) but here I mean by the way you stand, the way you walk, and some basic, little but very important things like your gesture, the thing you do unintentionally like not sanitizing your hands after a sneeze or cough, etc. we will discuss it further.

These all things count in body language and in your whole personality. you should follow some basic rules to boost your confidence like keeping your desk neat and clean, aligning your files in a row, maintaining your work data as per requirement, etc. when you feel dizzy you should get freshen up, maintain clean hands for a handshake, do not roll your tongue in front of anyone and most important -focus on your performance.

Neat And Clean Workplace/Home

A neat and clean workplace is a mirror to its owner or employee or family members. As we feel much more confident when we dress up the well same way we feel very much confident by making our workplace, home neat and clean along with ourselves.

Just imagine you are at home and your home is messy all day and suddenly you get a visit from your relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. how you feel at that time? I know what you are going to say now. And now imagine a neat and clean home and a visit from relatives, friends, and colleagues and how you feel now? Exactly that is the answer. You feel confident when you maintain (grooming) your home/workplace along with your own.

Just do some things to make it look like you want it to be, always maintain cleanliness, use room freshener, window curtains must be clean.

Some Basic Habits

There are some basic habits which you should follow for example- you should wash your hand whenever you go to the washroom, sanitize your hand whenever you are eating something, bath regularly, keep your hair clean, use the right products, should exfoliate two times in a week, maintain your skin health, maintain nails, dress up according to the occasion, dress must be clean and neat, etc.

Some small habits make a big difference within us, keep following them. When you think you are looking awesome today or yes I am pretty or I am smart enough, you feel confident. And if you want to feel confident all day long you should focus on grooming.

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Thank You

Ankush Pare

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