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How Behavour Change Your Personality 360 Degree

Personality: "The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character." As Google Says. But we want a clear and not so complicated definition of personality, and what it could be? The person who clicked in front of your eyes when you heard this word "Personality" is the simple definition or we can call it a living example of the dream of all of us.

We often can not identify why that person is so pleasant in manners, why with someone we will so much pleasant, why we enjoy someone's company, and why we like when someone walks in a circle? And I know we all want to become like that. And what do we do? We find difficult ways to change ourselves and try to become a different personality. But My Dear FRIENDS,

Why don't think differently? I mean why do you want to copy someone, we all are unique in a different manner. You just have to change some little but big affecting things in your behavior. Just change some things and you can see a difference within you. Yeah, I know you are looking with a big Question mark and asking me HOW? Let me explain

  1. Speak Less, Listen More

  2. Smile Is Precious

  3. Take Other's Name While Talking

  4. Choose Words Carefully

  5. Be Grateful In Life

Speak Less, Listen More

When we talk with someone, we all like that person who listens to us. We all know no one like the person who disturbs us when we are speaking. Am I right? Dalai Lama says, "When you speak, you are repeating the things you already know but, when you listen, you may learn something new".

Wherever we are, talking with whomsoever we should listen more and speak less. The person gets so irritated when we are not ready to listen and want to speak only. Tale me one thing, when you play cricket everyone wants to do batting first, and we can totally understand that but when someone does batting and leaves the ground without balling or fielding. Do you really want to play with that person again? did you enjoy it? the same way we should do both things in life. Speaking and listening.

If you want to improve your knowledge, performance, skills, you should listen more and talk less. It will give a feel to the person in front of you that you value him. And everyone loves that.

Smile Is Precious

Smile, "Million Dollar Smile". What can not happen just by smiling? I mean it. When we see the smile of a baby, a person, seniors, colleges, a girl, and if we see that too with a dimple, oh my God how much we feel comfortable, feel pleasant, want to talk more with that person, and many times we fall in love with that smile. After all, it's a million-dollar thing.

Just imagine you met with someone, you smiled naturally and enthusiastically and the other one also smiled in the same manner, you know that your conversation is going to be fantastic with that person and all of because of that smile. When you are giving or taking the interview how do you make yourself comfortable with that unknown person? by smiling? Am I right? When you are presenting something, instead of that tensed face everyone loves to see a smiling face and that can give a good impact on your knowledge, personality, and of course about your confidence.

Keep smiling, not just because you want to feel pleasure but to make someone comfortable, confident about you. Keep smiling.

Take Other's Name While Talking

My name is Ankush and I love my name as each and everyone does. I love it when someone takes my name. My friends and family members take my name while talking and when someone who is not a family or a friend take my name I feel comfortable and friendly while talking with him.

Yeah, I know what are you guys thinking right now, like how to take the name, how many times or of often. Don't make it so complicated guys just remember one thing always " Do not take many times as it can feel bad on that person"

Choose Words Carefully

It's how you say anything, I mean the thing you are going to explain is important but how you are delivering it, that is more important. Like when you say "You did a good job but," This "But" creates a question mark in conversation, also it represent dissatisfaction of yours. Some words creates negative impact about you and apparently about your whole personality.

Some words like but, why, how, whom, what, is it so and list is so on. You can change the sentence. Try to explain the thing in such a manner where the person should get your point but also he must not fell insulative, negative, negelacted as well.

Instead of it you can encourage them by saying and appreciating their work like you can say, wow, you did a great job, you are fab, fantastic, etc. Always remember you want to convey your message to that person but not in a bad or negative manner.

Be Grateful In Life

We always list the things we don't have but rather than that we should be focus on what we have. We focus on what is going to deliver us and in how manner but didi we really focus on the things like "Thank you". I mean whenever go out, when we do shopping, when we order food either online or at the place how often we show gratitude to the person in front of us?

We should say thank you to those all people who help us directly or indirectly. They are helping us to experience a great experience. They are focusing on our services and we should thank to them.

When you say Thank You to anyone, they feel like encouragement, appreciation and we should say thank you to them.

These are the 5 basic simple, small yet big things you should practice often and make a habit of it. If You do so you will definitely see a tremendous changewithin you. If you do so i will tale you with my guarantee that onwards people will enjoy your company, they would like to become like you, they will adore you, will appreciate you, you are going to a center of attraction in your friends and family. Do implementation and let us know how you feel after implementing it in your dau to day life. See you in next post.........

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Thank You

Ankush Pare

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