• Ankush Pare

Importance Of Body Language

"You Can Tell A Lot By Someone's Body Language - Harvey Wolter"

"Body Language" one of the most important aspects of communication. Have you ever think about it.? How you are influencing someone with your body language.? Are you creating your positive posture in front of everyone.? or maybe your body language is saying negative about yourself. How you communicate is more important than what you communicate. Your body language says more loudly about it. It also represents your manners, ethics, behavior, and the way you think subconsciously. Basically communicating without words hence it is universal which means it needs to be highly appropriate for the situation, otherwise you may end up giving wrong messages at no fault of yours.

Ohh I'm I confusing you.? Don't say that you did not know about the types and importance of body language in any communication form. If You are going to answer this positively then let me help you guys.........

  1. What is body language?

  2. Types of body language.

  3. Importance of body language in communication.

  4. Body language in professional life.

  5. Body language important in daily life activities.

  6. Body language important in achieving life goals.

What Is The Body Language.?

Body language involves nonverbal communication signs such as your way of saying, tone of your voice, body movements, facial expressions, gestures in speaking. We can easily say about someone whether he/she is a confident, shy, or talented person by noticing these all signs.

As we notice these all sing subconsciously, some of them are more louder than the action of that particular person. For example, If you are talking with someone on a very important topic but he is checking his mobile after every 3-4 minutes, we recognize that he is not interested in current communication. We get this conclusion by noticing his body language.

The same way our body language represents us, this is the loud sign mentioned in the example above, but there are so many small but more effective signs in body language. How it impacts your personality, yes we are going to discuss this....

Types Of Body Language

There are two main types of body language.

a. positive body language

b. negative body language

Positive Body Language

Positive body l