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Stage: A platform where we all want to perform at least once in our lifetime.Whether it may be a dance performance, a speech, a presentation, or anything like singing or performing our hidden talent. But if you think that I may be stammer while giving a presentation or maybe feel very anxious while performing. Yes I know I want to do all of these things in my life. Or maybe you are that talented who can make a carrier as a public speaker, as a motivational speaker, or as a singer or dancer. Whatever it may be. But when you think about it you get goosebumps, but when you think about only the fear you have on stage you get from all of those sweet dreams and maybe you give up on that.

But My dear FRIENDS, what if we can make a mastery over it. Dream no.? and now I know you all are going to ask me some questions like, how can this be possible? Even is it possible? Why do I have stage fear? Can I surely overcome it? or some of you can simply ask me that Are you fooling around me?

Ohh, This is why my friend has self-doubt, why you always think like this. I mean no one is born perfect. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, you also have some strengths and weaknesses like you sing well but when you go on stage you feel anxious, or you prepare very well for a meeting or presentation but when you are going for the same you may feel thrust, anxious, increased heartbeat, sweaty or unknowingly shaking your hands or legs.

We will discuss all of these but first of all, let me clear to you that why you feel so. Bellow maybe some of the reasons

1. You think that others will judge you

2. Past failures

3. Discomfort about your own body

4. Comparision

5. Poor Habits

6. Dissatisfaction about your own abilities

You Think That Others Will Judge You

Swear on god when you read the title about whom you thought.? why do you always think that people are judging you, yes there are some people who judge. But are they really matter to you.? Are they more important than you?

I think we have to understand that no one in this world is that much important than our satisfaction, career, skills, and improvement. We should focus on our own journey. The same logic follows when you speak on stage. When you are giving a presentation, performing on stage, speaking on stage and you are doing all things in front of your seniors, managers, owners, teachers please do not take the burden of it at all. As everyone goes through it, And until and unless you do not face the situation you can not overcome it.

When you are speaking on stage, giving a presentation, performing something you have to focus on yourself and not on others. No one is judging you, and those who are judging do not matter.

Past Failures

Let me tell you one story, Rohit a 7-year-old boy wants to give a dance audition as he is fond of dance and actually dances very well. One day he heard that there is an audition is going on near his place, he felt very happy and want to give that audition. Before that audition he never went in front of the camera, neither saw those bright lights nor that type of stage. He was so excited. But when he went there his excitement converted into anxiety. He could not perform well and get rejected.

After so many years he sat down with this memory of his past and he never went on stage. Now you tell me guys, is that cool? is it okay to leave with that memory where he failed? Rather than that he can move on it. can perform well on stage but instead of trying this, he sat down with memory.

Many times in life we behave like this, we had faced some failure or anxiousness, sweaty palm, and increased heartbeat and at that movement, we fix to ourselves that we can not do this in our entire life anymore. Instead of doing this, we should try to focus on removing bad memories with good memories.

Discomfort About Your Own Body

Yes, I am talking about "Body Shaming". body shaming is always isn't about another person, it can be with your own body. How many times do you think that you are not that good-looking, pretty, charming, or that talented, you have not that much perfect height, skin tone, fairness, and the list will go on and on? Right.?

But tell me one thing is it necessary to compare yourself with someone else? Can't you compare yourself with old you? If you do so you will see tremendous change within you. But instead of this what you are doing.? comparing yourself with someone unaware about it and instead of frustration, lack of self-confidence, jealousy nothing it will give to you.

When you go on stage you feel all of this subconsciously, this gives a bad impact on your performance. Rather than doing this crazy thing you should focus on yourself, should think about how I am now, in comparison with older me. If you can improve yourself at least 1% daily you will achieve so much in your life. I think you should think about this. And believe me, you are really very beautiful but you will look more beautiful at the movement you believe you are beautiful and feel confident instead of feeling discomfort about your own body.


No, I'm not going to tell you the same thing over here. I am going to discuss more material things. Yes about material things. Don't you compare yourself with each and everyone in your life? Like Ravi has a bigger car than mine. Sneha has a lavish flat of her own but I lack it. Or his/her salary is more than mine.

You think this all because you think that the person in front of you and when you are going to perform on stage or going for presentation in front of these people you may feel the blockage, increased heartbeat, sweaty palms, legs and you can not perform well there. As shown in the picture everyone is different and good at their own place, don't compare, be happy.

Poor Habits

Here I am talking about the common habits we have in our day-to-day life. Like our breathing habits, overthinking, imagining the things that have not happened or maybe will not happen any time in our lives, etc.

First of all, I want to clear you about breathing habits, Yes you heard it right. Breathing is the most essential part of our body functioning and I know this is an involuntary function of our body. But Have you ever focused on it.? Have you noticed your breathing while you are in front of your senior while giving a speech when you are angry, anxious, blushing, or giving a presentation, viva, etc?

Your breathing gets very much affected by the situations you are in. and vice versa your breathing affects the situation very efficiently. Let me explain, when you are anxious, feeling fear or nervousness try to calm your breathing, try to relax your mind, you will see you are much less anxious gradually.

There is a science behind it along with psychology, when you increase your exhale time your body can absorb more oxygen and supply it to your brain, and the brain reacts according to it. it will help you to calm down your feelings, will help you to control the situation.

Other poor habits are not preparing well, having less knowledge and high confidence over it, wearing improper clothes, not observing own body language and not working on it, self-doubting, overthinking, and many times overconfidence too. And the answer to these all things is you have to observe your habits and have to work on them. Unless and until you do not work on it you can not achieve anything in life.

Dissatisfaction about Your Own Abilities

Yes I do speak well but not like him/her, I am smart enough but not like him/her, I can do much more better than this and the list goes on and on. Tell me why always you think like this. I mean yes it is necessary for your betterment but what if it is pulling you down.

I totally agree with you that someone in your circumstance is much more efficient than you but he is not you and you are not him. He works better then that's okay but at least try to speak like who actually you are, let the audience know your unique style of dealing with them, let them know how peacefully yet gracefully you can give a presentation.

Why are you always dissatisfied with your own abilities.? You are unique, let them be but the same way keeps your uniqueness. Yes, you can perform well on stage, you can give a speech on any topic, you can give a better presentation than anyone can but when you will do believe in it. Yes, we all need improvement and have to be up to date but along with that have faith in your own abilities is also necessary.

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Thank You

Ankush Pare

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