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Speaking: Fear & Anxiety

Speaking is the most important and nonavoidable thing in our life. Yes, we can communicate without speaking by our body language but we can not avoid it completely. When we want to speak in public, give a presentation, have to face an interview, or perform on stage, we often face fear or anxiety about all these things. Today we are going to discuss FEAR AND ANXIETY IN SPEAKING.

Anxiety And Fear

If you want to give a presentation, meeting new people, being on a job interview, answering a question in class, want to talk on stage, or have to speak with seniors, and have you ever feel the symptoms like "sweating of palm, shaky voice, difficulty in breathing, a dry throat, or maybe a sudden memory loss. These all we can sum up as anxiety while speaking."

What is the true meaning of fear?

Fear is defined as being afraid of someone or something. ... A feeling of anxiety and agitation caused by the presence or nearness of danger, evil, pain, etc.; timidity; dread; terror; fright; apprehension.

Now you may ask if anxiety or fear while speaking can cause trouble, yes it can. Otherwise, why would you feel chronic symptoms such as headache, fatigue, unnecessary blushing, dizziness, suddenly increased heartbeats, or a disturbed stomach. And you know you are getting disturbed while speaking or while giving a presentation. This is all we need to work on.

Yes I know I am saying too much and you are already gone through it. Now my term is to tell you some tricks and techniques to overcome speaking anxiety. Ammmm Yes we can part it up in the following

1. Challenge specific situations.

2. Get organized.

3. Know your topic.

4. Relax your breathing.

5. Focus on your content and not on your audience.

6. Focus a little bit on body language.

Challenge Specific Situations

We all Face some situations in life where we face more difficulties while talking, purchasing something, or simply when we talk with a stranger or maybe when we try to talk with the person of the opposite gender as we are. These all are some specific situations where we know are going to face anxiety and may up to that extent where we can not utter a single word.

What if we are going to fear all of our life.? No, my Dear Friends, no more fear now. Try to face some situation where you have all negative or bad memories. Try to convert your bad memories to challenging ones. Up to when you are going to think about the result of that situation, try to face it my dear, no one is going to insult you if you are trying your best, no one is making fun of you, you just have to try it.

When you face a situation about which you already have some imagination, yeah I know that is all because of your previous experiences but until and unless you are not going to face it, nothing will happen. Challenge it and face it.

Get Organized

When you are planning to give a presentation, going to talk on stage or maybe simply you met with a stranger or with your senior in a mall and have to talk there. Tell me what you gonna do.? I know by thinking about all of these situations you are already feeling anxious and nervous. But a little bit of planning and organization habits can make a huge difference in it.

Always be ready and prepared for any kind of situation in life. No, I'm not talking about the material you're going to present in front of anyone or going for a stage performance. Here I'm talking about the organization of mind, habits, and some general things like the topic you're going to talk about. Always be prepared and organized, this will boost your confidence and you will feel less anxious and nervous.

Know Your Topic

A little study about your topic will change your confidence level and help you give your 100% about it. Yes, I know you prepare for a presentation, stage performance, etc but guys what about when you are going to talk with a stranger, over a phone call, or maybe with the opposite gender.

That is why knowing your topic is always more important in any kind of conversation. When you know you will talk with a shopkeeper and maybe you will feel anxious or feel fear from within, but when you know what kind of conversation you are going to have with them, you will feel more confident and fearless. And this will only happen when you are aware of your topic.

Relax your breathing

When you feel fear or anxious you feel a sudden change in your breathing. Your heartbeats are increased, you may feel sweaty, vibration in your voice, your hands and legs are vibrating or maybe you feel that you can not utter a single word and get blocked over a particular word.

But when you control your breathing and try to relax it, you feel much better. I'm I Right Or Wrong.? So guys try to relax in every situation, please do not get panic while doing anything in life whether it is speaking with someone or meeting someone for the first time in life.

When you feel fear from within or get anxious always try to breathe deep, let the air fill your stomach and heart. Try to relax your mind and let it sum up the situation, no one yes no one is going to eat you up if you stammer in that situation. Do not make it a habit of overthinking and ruin your speaking skill. Yes, you are going to speak well just try to relax your breathing.

Focus On Your Content And Not On Your audience

Yeah, this is so true and you all know that. When you are going for a presentation and you know you prepared very well for it but you are afraid of your seniors and you know rest is stammering. But when in that same scenario you know have prepared very well and you are focusing only on your presentation or on your stage performance you know you are going to rock it.

Yes, both situations are the same but the one and the only difference are there is about your focus on things. When you focus on the audience whether it is a presentation, a stage performance, a meeting handling, an interview, or whatever you know you are going to stammer because that time you are afraid and anxious.

But when you know you are fully prepared and nothing can stop you from achieving your goal you are going to rock it like a rockstar.

Focus A Little Bit On Body Language

Body Language is the most important part of your conversation. Do not let other people know that you are afraid and anxious while talking. You may ask is that my choice.? Yes, it could be. How.? Have you noticed this earlier or not that I don't know but let me ask you some questions,

a. When you are afraid or anxious your heartbeat increase, right.?

b. Sweaty palms.?

c. Shaking legs.?

d. Vibration in voice.?

e. Or extra hand movements.?

If you are feeling some of these signs then you have to work on your body language. And how much body language is important in conversation is already we had discussed in the previous article. Go through it and help yourself to increase your speaking.

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Thank You

Ankush Pare

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