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  • Ankush Pare

Instant Confidence Using Body Language

"People First See You Then They Hear You "

People first notice your body posture and your body posture is depend upon your mental or thinking activity. This is the outcome of what is happening in your mind but you know you can fake your body posture or confidence by manipulating your physical activity.
You may ask how can we do this.? Let's get started....


Smile is something everyone notice immediately. But we can differentiate between natural smile and fake smile instantly. don't know how.? Let me explain in detail

when we smile naturally, we wide our mouth or we have wrinkle lines beside the eyes or our cheek get blush upside. But when you fake your smile, only your lips get stretched horizontally & but less movement with eyes & there is no feeling in your eyes or you smile straight.

But do you know you can manipulate your brain by faking your smile for 2-3 seconds and after that your brain starts believing you that you are happy. For example just observe yourself how you smile when you are with family or friends and how you smile when the person whom you dislike come in front.

You can do it now also, start smiling for next 5 second and you will see your mind accept this as your mood change.


Body posture can be divided in 3 parts

1. Neck

2. Back

3. Legs

Let's see how body posture can help you to increase confidence instanly

Neck & Back - Usually when you feel low confidence, your neck goes down and your legs got crossed or you will notice it is not a perfect so there is a lack of confidence. Now if you want to show you have a confidence, keep your neck straight and back slightly straight(erect).

Try yourself: Speak your name while looking straight and try same but with neck down (facing ground)

Legs - While talking if you arrange your legs in such a way that your both feet are parallel (in same line) , you will feel confidence inside. But while talking you continuously shake your legs which shows lack of self believe.

Important Point To Overcome Stammering

Some times due to lack of confidence you may stammer or stutter and you feel you need training for stammering or stuttering. But by following some body language tips you can reduce your problem of stammering or stuttering. many times when we observe others, there is a lack of confidence in them by looking at their neck or back and same is true for you. But when your posture is proper, the person who is facing you feels that you are a confident person.


Eye contact does not mean that you have to look continuously in the front person's eye because starring & eye contact both are very different things.

While making eye contact remember, the person in front of you should feel comfort and easy to speak.

Blinking help us keep our eyes active while making eye contact but excess blinking may make wrong image. Eye contact does not mean that you have to look only in the eyes, but also you have to see the face of the person in front of you & this happens when we talk on the stage or see someone from a distance.

It means, the person in front of you should feel that you are talking or listening only by looking them & advantage of this is, the person in front of you feels that you are listening to them by paying attention & this causes your conversation more interesting.


Hand movements are always depends on the audience type for ex. the movement you are doing in front of your family member or friends is totally different from the speaking in crowd or speaking on stage. When you are talking on stage your hand movements must be loud and clear but when you are with your friend and family member that movement is depends upon the thing your are going to explain.

If you have low confidence or you may think you cannot speak properly you cross your hands and your mind also accept that and you may stutter or stammer. And the remedy for the stammering or stuttering is your proper hand movement. But remember your hand movements must be with content and not weird.

"Confidence is just a feeling that you can built inside you within a second but for that you have to believe that you are a confident person."

- Ankush Pare (Speaking Coach, Author, Mentor, YouTuber)
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