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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Success is no accident, it is the fruit of hard work going hand in hand with smart work. But often we we get advice about work hard or work smart. some people say hard work is the key to a successful life while other one will say work smartly to get success or satisfaction. So guys what do you think about work.? Should we work hard or work smart.? Here are my some points to explain you about the confusion you have in your mind about work. Shall we start.?????

  1. Hard work

  2. Smart work


Most of our elder generation advice us about the effectiveness of hard work, they have gone through the tremendous changes in technology, living standard, morals, commitments & definition of success have also changed from that time to current time. What hard work mean to them.? Why always they taking side of hard work.? What actually hard work is.? We can divide hard work in,

  1. Consistency

  2. Patience

  3. Experience

  4. Endeavor


The key to success is not only work but consistently working on something. What consistency look like.? Well I must say consistency is the power of our mind to stay engaged in something continuously. Consistency guaranties you mastering at anything you want to either it may be work or knowledge or any passion. You must stay consistent for doing thing to get master in that field and this is the first key of success. When you master something you build confidence within you which is the most important factor of life


No I am not talking about any spiritual thing like mind patience but what is the patience you

must ask. Patience is the acceptance of mind that the thing what is not going the direction you want will definitely go on right path. Or we can say patience is the ability to understand that mastering anything require it's own time. Because you can not master anything in a night you have to work on it silently.


You collect experience from work, that experience teach you more than book knowledge and help you to grow much faster than anything. In hard work we always seek for the experience, but the most important aspect of that process is to think about the process of collection of experience. Do we collect that experience from more collective ways or we get again again that repeated experience.? And this is where hard work get less point than smart work.


"Try Try Don't Cry" we are learning this from our childhood but have you wonder about the line once in a lifetime.? That phrase does not mean try the same thing in same direction we take it as. And here we go wrong in hard work. We always try but we forgot about the new ways we can explore and again hard work get less points here.



  1. Planning

  2. Proactive & not reactive

  3. Goal oriented


We all know about the magic of creativity, Creativity means doing same thing in efferent ways. Creativity always seek for the new new path & due to which we ensure the gathering of knowledge, experience, learning the do's & don't about anything or we can say creativity explore about pros & cons. Creativity help us to remain our excitement, enthusiasm, exactment in the thing which we sometimes lost in doing the thing in noncreative way.


Yes you are right. planning is the key of any business, But But But in smart work we plan according the result we expect & in hard work we plan according the work we want to complete & my dear friends that is the main difference. The work which is done smartly or hardly does not matter until you get the result you want and in the same way you expected it. In smart work planning is always goal oriented & that makes the difference.

Proactive & not reactive

Proactive is the one who does not think what others are doing or what will they thing instead of that he always firm on his own decision, action & life. A proactive approach focuses on eliminating problems before they have a chance to appear and a reactive approach is based on responding to events after they have happened. The difference between these two approaches is the perspective each one provides in assessing actions and events.

Goal oriented

The main difference between hard work and smart work is, hard work is always work oriented and smart work always goal oriented. You should work according the result you want and not according the working hours you want to spend on that particular thing. Studies have shown that long working hours does not guaranties you the result you want but smart work does.

After reading this are you thinking about that smart work only.? NO NO NO my dear friends do not make that big mistake in your life. You only works smartly when you work hard on that. If you want a successful life you must combine hard work with smart work and after that victory is guaranteed.

Smart work is not the substitute of hard work they both go hand in hand. Efforts are always important but where you are taking the efforts makes the difference. Always remember work hardly with smartness.

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